With the Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp Inner Circle program, you will save a substantial amount off the regular cost per camp and receive full access to your boot camp location and some extras. You can sign at anytime all year for this program, as it's a continuous membership option.

Inner Circle - Auto Payment

Here are the details:   

Adventure Boot Camp Inner Circle

  • Unlimited boot camp days each week (up to 5 days / week)
  • Unlimited access to nutrition seminars
  • 1 Adventure Boot Camp Shirt (first camp)


  • We have different rates for the different class times and locations because there are more class times available at each.
    • 530am Huntsville - $179.99 monthly
    • 530pm Huntsville - $159.99 monthly
    • Huntsville 830am and Madison 530am - $149.99 monthly

Adventure Boot Camp Inner Circle - Special Terms and Conditions:   

  • Valid for Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp locations only.     
  • This program is an ongoing monthly membership - you can opt out with a 30 day notice.
  • No additional credits, discounts or coupons are allowed.     
  • Non-transferable once an individual begins the program.           
  • Because leased facilities and/or other camp conditions can change or otherwise become unavailable, we reserve the right to discontinue this program and discontinue automatic billing with a 30 day notice to you.     


Q:  Will I still get the same savings if I just give you cash or check each month or will I have to pay the regular price of camp?

A:  The only way to receive this special savings on boot camp, is using automatic payments.  Individuals who are not participating in Adventure Boot Camp Inner Circle will pay the regular price before the beginning of each camp.

Make-up Day Policy:

Since Inner Circle allows you to come to unlimited boot camp days, there are no makeup days necessary or available. We want to encourage you to get and maintain results and you will need to be consistent in your workouts.   

Early Cancellation Policy:

This program is an ongoing membership.  If for any reason you need to cancel, the procedure is as follows: Simply provide 30 day written cancellation (email is acceptable) before next billing cycle. You will be charged one final time (on your next billing date) and then payments will be stopped. Cancellation must be received in writing 30 days before billing.

The Inner Circle is a special reward for those of you that have decided that, "Adventure Boot Camp, It's Not Just A Workout - It's A Lifestyle!"


To join the Inner Circle Program:

    • Register for boot camp by clicking a button below:


    • As you register, choose the camp date and location you want to begin the program with.
    • Under the Frequency option, choose the option that says "Inner Circle"
    • When you get to the payment page, click the button to set up your payments. If you have any questions, contact us.
» 3-5% reduction in body fat
» 5-12 pounds of weight loss
» 1-3" decrease in the midsection
» 25% increase in strength
» 25% improvement in endurance
» Better relaxation
» Greatly improved posture
» 100% gain in self-confidence
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