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What is Adventure Boot Camp?

Women of all fitness levels, sizes and ages are experiencing great results with Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp. You can be next! This program was designed to give women a community of their own. A place where you could come to focus on your workouts and your results in class without having to worry about hair, make-up, or the meat market mentality of some gyms. There is no yelling and screaming like you might think when you hear the words Boot Camp. This is a safe, positive, and supportive place for you to exercise at your pace and on your level.

Our class is all about relentless positivity, constantly lifting you up, always encouraging you to do your best, and never belittling you. Our focus is on lifestyle change and permanent changes, not temporary results. Bottom line: You. Can. Do. This.

Our Core Values

    1. Constant improvement through continuing education and applying it in the real world
    2. Approach everything with a sense of humor and a sense of purpose
    3. Cutting edge motivation and workouts to maximize the results of our clients
    4. Not only dare to be different but embrace the opportunity and use it to make what we do unique
    5. Be unforgettable
    6. Our clients are family
    7. Relentless Positivity
    8. Become the best part of our client’s day
    9. The most important thing we do every day is make our clients believe
    10. Everyone gets results and no one gets left behind no matter their size, shape, or ability

Joe Martin – Program Director and Head Coach

Joe Martin is the owner of Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp. He teaches all of the Huntsville classes. He has won several awards, including Huntsville’s Healthiest Trainer, Huntsville’s Healthiest Male, Adventure Boot Camp was voted the best place in Huntsville to workout, and his book The Wellness Code hit the Amazon Best Sellers list. He prides himself on his ability to make exercise fun, safe and effective for everybody no matter what size they are or what kind of shape they are in.

Joe had been a lifelong athlete, until one day he woke up and realized he was 50 pounds overweight, depressed, and injured. It was a turning point in his life when he got fed up and realized there had to be a better way.  From that day on he has dedicated his life to studying health and fitness and using it to help others achieve their goals.